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Information about Cambodian real estate


  1. What is so unique about Freer Properties?

Freer Properties provides quality real estate services to the Cambodian and International property markets through personalised quality products and services. Our key values are quality, honesty and integrity which is a fresh way of doing business in Cambodia. The colours of our logo represents this freshness as a point of difference. Like Mohammed Ali, we are small, fast and accurate – “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee…”!

  1. With growing numbers of real estate agencies in Cambodia, what are your strategies to compete with them?

We don’t believe we are at the stage whereby we can claim to compete with a multi-national estate agency. However, we have established systems, processes and a culture that, scaled up, will give our competitors a run for their money.

One thing that I (Paul Ellender) have noticed in my two years working in Phnom Penh is that Quality Assurance is not recognized by many businesses. The dominant focus seems to be on money alone which doesn’t match with sustainable business practices. Good governance and eco-friendly strategies are two other core strengths of our business.

We hope we will influence others, which leads to the last point: that we prefer to cooperate with other, like agencies, than compete. There are a number of sub-standard brokers that hopefully will be weeded out as the real estate industry matures. It makes sense to work with other good companies than against them to ensure continued delivery of quality products and services.

  1. Why should property buyers or renters go to seek services from Freer Properties?

We focus on getting quality listings – good clients, accurate information, attractive photographs, fair and professional documentation – backed up with personalised service.

  1. Why does Freer Properties focus on listing renovated old colonial buildings?

Once a French colonial urban centre, Phnom Penh is known as one of the most delightful cities in the world. Its wide tree-lined avenues, pretty gardens and exquisite stately homes gave it the status of ‘the Pearl of Asia’ in the 1920’s.

It is this style that we find most attractive and separates Phnom Penh from many cities around the world. They are well-built, respect the tropical climate of Cambodia and offer urban spaces that are quite unique.

From a micro (individual building) level to macro (city) level, Colonial buildings are something to cherish and preserve.  If all the old buildings are torn down, Phnom Penh will become yet another glass and concrete jungle, inseparable from most other urban centres.

Freer Properties is proud to be associated with the preservation of such beauty.

  1. Are there any new services or products that Freer Properties is planning to announce or promote?

Freer Properties has shifted away from Property Management to rentals, sales and construction (Property Improvement) to apply our resources more strategically. We will continue to promote quality properties across Phnom Penh and beyond. Although our traditional focus has solely been on Daun Penh, we have widened our scope to other inner-city areas and targeted regions outside the capital city, such as Kampot, Kandal, Koh Kong and Svey Rieng. As other opportunities present themselves, we are likely to include other areas.


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