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There are many types of apartments in Cambodia. Here is a short list of what’s on offer:

Studio / micro apartment

A small living space that usually combines the bedroom, kitchen, and living room into an open single room. Sizes can vary, but are typically 35 to 60 square metres. They usually have a kitchenette rather than a separate kitchen and are ideal for single dwellers with few possessions or furniture.

1-2 bedroom apartments

One-bedroom or two-bedroom apartments (1 BR or 2 BR) have bedroom(s) separate from the kitchen and living room. They are usually around 60 to 120 square metres.

Luxury Apartment

Typically spacious, high end living spaces in an ideal location. It is not uncommon for them to have high end amenities such as gyms, laundry facilities, lounges, parking garages, swimming pools, 24-hour reception / security, etc. Luxury apartments can be very expensive and include top of the line appliances, decor and conveniences.

Condos, duplexes and triplexes

Condos are usually in new buildings with each unit having a separate owner. Foreigners can buy these legally in Cambodia. A duplex apartment is a discrete apartment but on two floors connected by an internal staircase. A triplex is the same concept, but on three floors.

Flat-house or shop-house apartment

Flat-houses are usually in older buildings sometimes with many apartments in the building owned by the same owner. Foreigners cannot buy these legally in Cambodia. Shop-houses are similar, but with a shop possessing the ground floor. Each apartment will be accessed through the shop itself or by externally-accessed stairs (often at the rear of the building).

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