No. 95e1 Street 118, Phsar Chas, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

For rent and sale

The city offers all types of properties, so it is important you know what is on offer:

Khmer-style shophouses

Khmer-style shophouses are common in Phnom Penh and are usually found in 3-4 story low-rise terraces. They are typically long and narrow. Entrances are at the front or back of the building and the side walls have no windows. Rear access can be un-nerving for westerners.

Renovated shophouses

These are less common but offer local experiences with western comfort. They are basically updated shophouses with new floors, additional windows, contemporary lighting, modern furnishings, hot water and so on.

Western apartments

These apartments are found in low-rise walk-up apartments and in 12+ story towers. They tend to have more amenities, are new, have varied floor plans, windows in all rooms and plenty of natural light and air circulation.

Condos / serviced apartments

These are generally top-notch with western layout, natural light, city views, modern kitchens and bathrooms.

Navigating Phnom Penh’s rental market


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