No. 95e1 Street 118, Phsar Chas, Daun Penh, Phnom Penh

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The General Department of Immigration & naturalization service in Phnom Penh can be found at 332 Russian Federation Blvd. (St 110), Phnom Penh.

According to Khmer Times the General Department of Immigration spokesman General Keo Vanthan confirmed the gathering of data, saying the government has mandated all foreigners who live in Cambodia to fill in the form as it needs to record data about the Kingdom’s foreign residents and visitors. “Owners of hotels, guesthouses, condominiums and houses are obligated to fill these forms. The owners need to report to the police about the foreigners staying in their properties within 24 hours of accommodation,” said Gen Vanthan. The application, called Foreigners Present in Cambodia System (FPCS), was created late last year and launched in January. According to its homepage, the application will record information about foreigners upon their arrival in Cambodia, as well as their departure from the Kingdom.